Peaches ‘N’ Cheese

Great Gardener Farms Peaches N Cheese Flower Photo

Hash giants Barb and UK Cheese. Incredible aromas and trichome density.

  • Genetic Properties

    Genetics: Barbara Bud (s) X UK Cheese (f)
    Type: Indica / Sativa Hybrid
  • Growing Properties

    Ease of Growth: Intermediate
    Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
    Height: Tall
    Yield: Average
    Location: All
  • Consuming Properties

    Effect: Reflect and Relax
    Flavour: Fruity
    Main Terpene:

Strain Description

What do you get when you combine the frosty goodness of Barbara Bud with Big Buddha’s dank UK Cheese? We call it Peaches ‘n’ Cheese, the offspring of two exceptional hash strains.


The Cheese surfaced in the UK in the 90s after many years of underground development of the stinky Skunk#1 strain. Big Buddha took a particularly powerful and aromatic clone and crossed it with an Afghani to create their award-winning Big Buddha’s Cheese.


Our Peaches ‘n’ Cheese grows big sticky nugs covered in resin. It is easy to grow, quick flowering and produces higher than average yields.


The flower stinks like the Cheese everyone knows and loves, but the flavour is dank and fruity.