About Us

A Cultivated Experience

We believe that cannabis is a sacred gift

The expansive power of cannabis has been celebrated for millennia. We consider it our calling to extend its influence and bring our unique cultivars to the world.

Close up of the top of a cannabis plant on a pink background

We grow with intention

We’ve learned many valuable lessons during our twenty-five year run as cannabis growers, the most important of which is that staying mindful of our true purpose always yields the best results. That purpose? To guide and facilitate every seeker’s journey toward the greatest expression of their needs via this sacred plant.

A hand holding a cannabis plant stem in a field of plants

We trust in nature’s design

Ancient wisdom and modern science show us how human and plant evolution are intertwined. We integrate years of feedback and careful selection into what we choose to grow. These insights have led us to believe that there’s an energetic synergy between plants and people. The more we learn about cannabis and our bodies, the more we appreciate their symbiotic relationship.

3 cannabis plants in clear pots on a table

We champion cannabis for the people.

We are cannabis advocates. Since 2002, we’ve worked with compassion clubs and advocated for organizations seeking to offer high-quality cannabis to people who truly need it. We’ve pushed hard for change in the courts and on Parliament Hill and we are grateful that cannabis prohibition is crumbling. We know this sacred plant can make the world a better place.

Photo of cannabis kitchen

We celebrate the art of cultivation.

We work hard to bring out the highest expression of the cannabis plant, carefully breeding for optimal traits and then stabilizing new varieties. Our goal is to craft cultivars that will become beloved favorites for both consumers and growers alike. More than fifty international awards confirm that we know our craft.

Close up of the top of a cannabis plant on a yellow background

We keep our hands in the soil.

Now that the laws have changed, many new cannabis companies are joining the market. Most CEOs are not farmers, and most farmers are not CEOs. We are both. Toil in the soil is still what we are most passionate about, what brings us the greatest joy, what keeps us closest to our intention, and what truly connects us to the people who love this amazing plant.

Hands lifting some brush showing soil underneath