Ghani AF

Great Gardener Farms Ghani AF Flower Photo

Great Gardener’s classic Afghani.

  • Genetic Properties

    Genetics: Afghani #1
    Type: Indica
    THC: 19.93%
    CBD: 0.03%
    CBG: 0.92%
    CBC: 0.22%
  • Growing Properties

    Ease of Growth: Beginner
    Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
    Height: Compact
    Yield: Average
    Location: All
  • Consuming Properties

    Effect: Reflect and Relax
    Flavour: Pine
    Main Terpene: Caryophyellene


  • Third place Solventless - 2015 Karma Cup Toronto
  • Third place Resin - 2015 ExpoGrow Irun
  • 1st place Licensed Producer category - 2014 Canadian Cannabis Awards

Strain Description

Ghani AF is our pure Afghani. It originated with Sensi Seeds Afghani#1 and has been worked over many years to suit the requests of dispensaries in Canada.

Ghani AF is the parent to many of our creations. It is a classic indica, a textbook Afghanica genotype. With the Ghani AF, Mat was able to take the potential of the Afghani#1 and stretch it to the limits. The plant is short, sturdy and compact with thick lateral branches and a perfect Christmas tree structure. The buds are dense and have a lovely deep hash fragrance and a smooth, smoky flavor. It is fast flowering and has a natural resistance which makes it quite easy to grow.

Ghani AF is a resinous, fragrant beauty. The aroma is earthy, spicy and sweet, characteristic of the Afghan indicas.

Yield is above average.

MAIN TERPENES: Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Humulene, a-Bisabolol, Ocimene